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Virtual Arithmetickles Videos Include:

A Wish on a Golden Fish is Math with a Moral. It is based on the fable The Fisherman and His Wife who were poor but happy until they caught a golden fish who grants wishes. Fun math is added into this sparkling tale of numbers…and greed!                                                         Read more…    

Every child loves playing Tic-Tac-Toe. It’s time to have the Arithmetic-Tac-Toe tournament with your students. Two teams of cartoon animals will be challenged by the host who will ask them everyday math questions in a colorful and exciting setting.                                                                                                   Read more….

In this Mystery Math segment, students help Luna solve the emergency problem: In what order to send 1 of the 4 family members across the 1-mile long bridge in 1 hour. Each family member crosses at a different pace; they must cross in pairs as they have only 1 flashlight!                                                Read more…

Do you believe in Magic? How about Mind Reading? Ben and Curley will amaze you with a Mental-Math-Mind-Reading trick! Then they will reveal the secret. It’s a perfect way to get young students interested in Math…and Magic Numbers!                                                                  Read more…

Share this Mental Math Challenge with your students and friends: Can you add 9 numbers in your head faster than adding them on a calculator? Present this simple math trick and your students will be eager to find the secret of the Calendar Math Magic challenge.                                      

Share this Math Mystery Challenge with your students and friends: There is only one way to “split” the clock with 2 pencils, so that you get 3 parts with the sum in each part being equal. After several tries, your students will find the “math-logic” way to solve it!                                

Watch Mr. Donovan as he gives his testimony in the courtroom. He’ll tell the judge exactly what happened on that day. Please listen carefully to his testimony, and try to help the judge find 3 mistakes in his story. 2 mistakes are based purely on math and the 3rd mistake is based on science.                                       

In Zoo Story you will meet Layla who is going to visit the zoo with her class. Please follow her story carefully and pay attention to the details. At the end of her story, you’ll have to find 3 mistakes. So put on your detective hats and let’s join Layla on her journey to the zoo!                                                                                                            


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