Virtual Arithmetickles Presents:


Mega Math Marathon


Every child loves playing Tic-Tac-Toe. It’s time to have the Arithmetic-Tac-Toe tournament with your students. Two teams of cartoon animals will be challenged by the host who will ask them everyday math questions in a colorful and exciting setting.



How to watch

There are two ways to share this segment with your students:
1. They can watch the entire game show and follow the teams answering the questions.
2. You can pause the video after each question (see table below). Let the students answer the question, then keep playing the video to see the answer.



can be viewed by all ages, however the math level is for grades 4-6.

During the segment, both teams are asked the following questions.
After they answer, there is an explanation to follow.

Time Question Answer
How many hours are there is 3 days?
True or false: A straight line is the shortest distance between 2 points.
How many quarters are there in $14?
If it is 2 AM in New York, what time is it in California?
11 PM
If it's 20 degrees outside but the wind-chill factor makes it feels like -10, how many degrees difference are there?
If the Dead Sea is 1,400 hundred feet below sea level, what is the sea level?
What is the missing number: 2; 4; 8; ____; 32
If a person is 75 years old and sleeps on an average of 8 hours every night, how many years does the person sleep in their lifetime?
Which one is heavier: 2 pounds of potatoes or 2 pounds of feathers?

We would love to hear from you. Your thoughts will help us develop and produce future videos. Please let us know how it worked in class, your students’ reactions, and the level of difficulty.



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Here is a creative and fun in-class activity for after watching the video…

Play Arithmetic-Toc-Toe in class:


●   Ask the students to prepare challenging questions (that can be based on a topic they recently studied) and collect all of the questions.

●  Choose and select appropriate questions

●  Draw 9 squares on the board

●  Split the class into 2 teams (X and 0)

The Game:

●  Each team will answer 1 question. When they answer correctly, mark the board with their sign.

●  The winning team is the one that answers 3 questions correctly in a straight or diagonal line.

(Please note: you must have the password to view this video)