Arithmetic- Tac-Toe

In this short guide you will be able to preview the segment.
You’ll also get some great ideas for in-class activities
after watching the video with your students.

Here is a creative and fun in-class activity for after watching the video…

Play Arithmetic-Toc-Toe in class:


  • Ask the students to prepare challenging questions (that can be based on a topic they recently studied) and collect all of the questions
  • Choose and select appropriate questions
  • Draw 9 squares on the board
  • Split the class into 2 teams (X and 0)

The Game:

  • Each team will answer 1 question. When they answer correctly, mark the board with their sign.
  • The winning team is the one that answers 3 questions correctly in a straight or diagonal line.

After watching the Teacher’s Guide it is time to share “Arithmetic-Tac-Toe” with your students in class.

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