A: The original “Arithmetickles” show was presented to large assembly audiences (mixed grades, up to 600 students). “Virtual Arithmetickles” brings funny math segments right into your classroom and all students participate in solving the math questions in each colorful segment.

A: All segments can be watched and enjoyed by students in grades K-6. 

The math level, however, is geared to specific grades (listed on each segment).

A: No. All “Virtual Arithmetickles” segments are based on everyday knowledge and general math (with humor built in!)

A: No. The math in “Virtual Arithmetickles” focuses mainly on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In segments for grades 3-6, students also work with percentages, fractions and problem solving . 

A: All the segments are on Vimeo, which is an easy-to-use video hosting and sharing platform. With the password and links to the site, you will be able to watch and share the video segments with your class at any time during the week of your choice.

A: Yes. There are games created especially for younger students that kindergarteners will enjoy even though they may not yet have learned the specific math skills.

A: “Virtual Arithmetickles” provides students with the opportunity to explore the most imaginative and entertaining aspects of math. The program encourages creativity and allows students the chance to boost their problem solving skills. Students participate in the learning process and are encouraged to present themselves at their best, thus increasing confidence and self esteem. The underlying message in “Virtual Arithmetickles” is that math is something that students can actually like and enjoy and not something to be afraid of.

A: It varies. Each segment has a different length. The shortest one is 5 minutes, and the longest is 17 minutes. 

A: There is an online Teacher’s Guide for all of the segments with suggestions on how to use each one.  Some segments can be viewed in full first and then your class can play fun activities (listed in the Teacher’s Guide.) In other segments you can pause the video and let your students solve some problems that were presented and then, continue playing the video to show the solution. 

A: Choose the week you would like to present “Virtual Arithmetickles” in your school and complete the online booking form. We will then email you the agreement to be signed and returned with the payment check. 

A: Your school will receive the access password for all segments on the Friday prior to the week that you scheduled. In this way your teachers can review the segments over the weekend.

A. In the Teacher’s Guide you will find a short instruction video and explanation page for each segment. You will also see a summary and clips from the segment itself, as well as appropriate grade levels and math concepts. The Teacher’s Guides include lots of creative and fun ideas for before/after in-class activities. They are available to you on the “Virtual Arithmetickles” website at any time during the year (no password needed). 

During the week of your choice, you and your colleagues are welcome to share the segments at any time (24/7 access) with your students. However, the password is limited to one school during that week. Please note that the video segments are copyright protected and cannot be downloaded or shared without written permission.

A: Yes! We are offering a “Mini Series” of 3 videos of your choice for one week view, for a reduced price.

A: We are currently accepting checks. If you wish to pay via PayPal there will be additional  $15 charge (that goes to PayPal).