Reading Your Mind!

Mental Math


Do you believe in Magic?
How about Mind Reading?

In this episode, Ben will become a “mentalist” and will amaze your students with a Mental-Math-Mind-Reading trick!

First, he will ask his guest, Curley, to choose a secret number between 1 and 15, and write it down without showing it.

Then Ben will present the chart with mixed numbers on it. After Curley points to the column/s where his secret number is found, Ben (without seeing the numbers on the chart) announces the secret number!

Ben will explain the Math-Mind-Reading trick so your students can entertain and amaze their family and friends…a perfect way to get young students interested in Math…and Magic Numbers!

How and Why it Works

Math Concepts

Addition and logical thinking


All ages

In this short guide you will be able to preview the segment. You’ll also get some great ideas for in-class activities after watching the video with your students.

We would love to hear from you. Your thoughts will help us develop and produce future videos. Please let us know how it worked in class, your students’ reactions, and the level of difficulty.


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