The Calendar

Math Magic 


In this segment, Luna, the friendly frog, can add up 9 calendar dates in her head faster then Noah, who is using a calculator. Your students will be amazed to see that Luna is faster every time. How does she do that?  Luna will teach Noah (and your class) how to get the sum of the 9 dates so quickly – and with some practice, soon all of your students will be able to perform this amazing math trick!

How it Works

Luna, that sneaky frog, instead of adding the 9 dates, took the middle number in the square and multiplied it by 9…


(Works every time!) 


The math level is for grades 4-6.

(Students should be able to do
multiplications of 9 in their head)

Math Concepts

In this episode, students use Addition, Multiplication and Mental Math.


Why it Works

In this short guide you will be able to preview the segment. You’ll also get some great ideas for in-class activities after watching the video with your students.

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