Teacher's Guide

In this short guide you will be able to preview the segment. You’ll also get some great ideas for in-class activities after watching the video with your students.

Here are 2 creative and fun in-class activities for after watching the video…

1. Mystery Writing

Ask your students to write a short story that will include at least one math mistake. The mistakes can be based on everyday math like measurements, size, distance, money, age, height, weight, calendar, time, etc.

When they are done writing, ask them to present their stories in front of the class and let the students find the math mistakes.

2. The Clock Relay

This is a simple and exciting game to help children tell time with an analog clock.


Each group will need
✅  1 hula-hoop     ✅  sticky notes (post-its)   ✅  cello tape  ✅  a marker   ✅  hand bands in 2 colors.

What to do

✅ Divide your class into teams of 3-5 students
Each team will build their “clock” with the hula-hoop and 12 post-its representing the hours from 1 to 12. The cello tape will secure the post-its to the hula-hoop.

✅ Every student will receive one yellow hand band to be put on the right wrist, representing the hour, and one green hand band to be put on the left wrist, representing the minutes. (The colors of the hand bands are your choice.)


✅ Now it’s time to play The Clock Relay. Ask the first student in each team to come forward with the hula hoop and face their team. Then announce a time (“5 PM”), and the student holding the hoop will have to put both of their hands in the right place to show the time. The first one who gets it right, will get one point for the team. The first team to score 10 points will win the game!
For younger students start with full hours, then continue with half hours and quarter hours.



✅ When students get the correct time, you can add another level. If, for example, the time is 1:30 the hand that shows the hour should be placed between 1 and 2.


✅ Extra credit – In many places around the world people don’t use AM or PM when telling time, instead they use the full 24 hour scale. So, when the time is 15:00 o’clock, it is 3pm. To calculate that fast, all you have to do is subtract 12 from the time.

After watching the Study Guide it is time to share “The Courtroom” with your students in class.

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