Zoo Story

In this short guide you will be able to preview the segment. You’ll also get some great ideas for in-class activities after watching the video with your students.

Here are 2 creative and fun in-class activities for after watching the video…

Mystery Writing

Ask your students to write a short story that will include at least one math mistake. The mistakes can be based on everyday math like measurements, size, distance, money, age, height, weight, calendar, time, etc.




For this game every student in class will make a clock – it is easy and fun. It will help your young students tell time and understand the concept of using two hands to read both the hour and the minutes.

When they are done writing, ask them to present their stories in front of the class and let the students find the math mistakes.


Each student will need
✅ 1 hula-hoop     ✅  sticky notes (post-its)   ✅  cello tape 
✅  a marker   ✅  hand bands in 2 colors.

What to do

✅ It’s time for each student to assemble their clock.  On the first plate mark the hours from 1 to 12.


✅ Next, using the scissors, cut (about 2 inches) between the numbers toward the center of the plate. Now put this plate on top of the other plate.

✅ To make the hands, fold one sheet of cardboard in half and cut a straight line up the fold with a triangle at the top.

✅ Now cut a small hole at the lower end. When you open the fold you get one of the hands of the clock. Repeat this with the second cardboard, but this time make it a little longer.


✅ On the short hand write HOUR

On the longer hand write MINUTE


✅ Poke a hole in the center of both plates with your scissors. Put the hour hand on top of the minute hand.


✅ Now we can easily assemble the clock: Put the brad through the hands and both paper plates and bend the brad in the back of the plates. The bottom plate represents the minutes.


✅ Fold the cuts on number 1 and on the bottom plate write :05;


✅ Under the number 2 write :10


✅ Continue adding 5 minutes till you get to the number 12 where you’ll write :00


✅ For 3rd grade, you can add the individual minutes represented by 4 lines between the numbers.


✅ To help students, we can mark the word O’clock on the flap under 12. At 15 minutes, write Quarter under the flap, write Half hour under 30, and Quarter till under 9.



There are 3 different levels of Tic-Toc-Clock that you can choose from (or you can play them all).

✅  Mark the time on the board starting with the full hour, then write the half hours and the quarter hours (according to the level of your class). Make sure all of the students are moving the hands of their clocks (showing the time) correctly.

✅  Split the class into teams of 2 and let them play the game: One will challenge the other and then they can switch. They can keep score between themselves, one point for each correct answer.

✅  Split the class into groups of 4-5 students, and for each round one student from each group will come up in front of the class. You will announce the time and the first student to mark the correct time on his/her clock will score a point for his/her group. The first group with 10 points wins the game.

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