Math Night

Get parents involved!

Arithmetickles Math Night is a fun game show that uses fun-filled theatrical activities that incorporate creative math reasoning and grade appropriate math skills. During the show, your Arithmetickles Math Night host will ask students and parents to volunteer to come on stage and work together to solve (non-threatening) math puzzles and math-related games that always prove to be tremendous fun for the volunteers as well as the audience.

For many school districts, getting parents involved is both a top priority and an ongoing challenge. Arithmetickles Math Night is an original, cost-effective, curriculum-based way to bring family support to your educational community!

Arithmetickles Math Night game show is for Elementary and Middle schools!

Three cool ways to attract and bring families for the evening show:

Get Pizza

Pizza dinner – Sell or give pizza, drinks and snacks.

Extra Credit

Extra credit – each student that shows up with his/her family gets an extra credit in math.

Math Fair

Have a Mini-Fair with fun activities before the show. Each class can be responsible for creating, decorating and running a booth with fun math related activities. And, of course, all the students and parents will then attend the show!

Brooklyn, NY - "Thank you so much for an the amazing Arithmetickles Math Night show yesterday at our school. The children really enjoyed themselves and so did the adults. The host made my Title 1 event a huge success. He truly gave them a great show and the children and staff were buzzing about it this morning. I look forward to working with you in the future!!"
Title 1 rep. PS 279

✅ Length of show – 60 minutes.
✅ Age-appropriate and curriculum-friendly.
✅ Everyday math comes alive!
✅ 100% audience participation
✅ Common Core curriculum friendly

Math is the basis of STEM and
Arithmetickles helps kids love math!