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math with a moral

A wish on a golden fish




A Wish on a Golden Fish is Math with a Moral. It is based on the fable The Fisherman and His Wife who were poor but happy until they caught a golden fish who grants wishes. Fun math is added into this sparkling tale of numbers…and greed!

How to Watch

The best way to present this video in class is to play the episode and pause the video after each question. After the students answer the questions play the video again to reveal the correct answers and the explanations.


A Wish on a Golden Fish
can be viewed by all ages,
however the math level is for
grades 4-6 

During the segment students will have to solve 3 math problems:

Problem 1

Based on the table below, we have to figure out if Jerry & Lucy caught enough fish this week to pay their rent of $180.

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Problem 2

To be able to get into their new mansion, there are 3 problems they have to solve!

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Problem 3

3.   Based on the formula SPEED (rate) x TIME = DISTANCE, you have to help Golda the Fish, figure out the distance she just swam. We know that her speed (rate) was 40 miles per hour and she made it in 3 minutes!

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