Virtual Arithmeticles Presents:

Mystery Math 


In The Courtroom episode you’ll hear Mr. Donovan’s testimony. He’ll tell the judge exactly what happened on Wednesday, April 19th. Students will become detectives who watch, listen and collect information so they can help the judge find the 3 mistakes in Mr. Donovan’s story. 2 mistakes are purely math and the 3rd mistake is based on science.


How to Watch

The best way to present this video in class is to play the episode until the judge blames Mr. Donovan for not telling the truth. (06:40) Ask your students to come up with the 3 mistakes they found in the segment. Then play the video again to reveal the answers and the explanations.


The Courtroom segment can be viewed by all ages, however the math level is for grades 2-6.

Math Concepts

In this episode, math concepts will include telling time, addition, division and even the scientific fact that light is moving faster than sound.

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